Super easy giant chocolate coated 3d cupcake

  21 November 2010

HAI! So here’s how I made Simon’s b’day cake! It’s not really a recipe and the photos are a bit too over exposed because I was so sure my idea would fail that I cbf taking more than 1 pic when I made it. So remember ages ago when I made chocolate bowls by dipping balloons into chocolate? So pretty much the same idea but I had bought a giant silicone cupcake mold ($15) ages ago so wanted to see if painting the insides with chocolate and turning it inside out would work ohoho I love it when random ideas work!

First chop up some chocolate. I used about 200g milk chocolate.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Or if you’re a noob like me and manages to scorch the chocolate EVEN when using the double boiler, nuke in the microwave until nice and melty.

Coat the mold’s insides with a layer of melty chocolate. Don’t worry if you have holes cos you’ll be doing a second coat. Stick the mold in the fridge to harden (approx 10mins)

Second coat is where you can make sure the walls are nice and thick and there are no thin patches especially around the bottom. Stick back in the fridge for another 10mins

And now the moment of truth! Slowly roll the silicone mold away from the chocolate. If the chocolate is too cold it will snap off, if it’s still warm pieces will get stuck to the silicone.

And woot he’s all in one piece! Do the same with the lid and you’re almost home free!

All together now: Nawwwwwww!

Fill with whatever your heart desires! I likes a combo of brownies, mango, blueberries and several scoops of ice cream 😀 Warning: if you’re not eating the chocolate bowl immediately be careful when storing it- leave too long in the fridge and the chocolate may ‘bloom’ and turn white. It’s still good to eat but not so pretty to look at.

Aaaaand thanks to Noods, is now mobile friendly woot! Still fixing some bugs so let us know if you’re having any probs.

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