Super Easy Cookie Monster Cupcakes

  16 June 2013

C is for cookie! And ahem, ChocolateSuze hahaha lame I know I’m sorry! But I’m not sorry about these cupcakes! Guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face no matter the age (HI SOF)! Super easy to make but takes a tad longer than my usual recipes because you gotta bake the cookies first. Ok ready?

Bake some cookies! Chocolate chip of course! I used my Super Easy Chocolate Chip recipe which makes enough for your cupcakes and a whole pile left to eat 😛

Bake cupcakes. I used this recipe from Exclusively Food. Whip up some icing and slather onto cupcakes- I made cream cheese icing but feel free to make buttercream. Tint it blue. I used food colouring gel to get it super blue.

I hate desiccated coconut but it’s the easiest thing for ‘hair’, I used about 100g of McKenzie’s Moist Flakes Coconut which worked pretty awesomely. Dropped in a couple of drops of food colouring liquid (not gel) and shook the bag. Don’t even attempt to stir this, shake it baby!

Roll iced cupcake onto plate of coconut, pack on more so it doesn’t look bald.

Marvel at the blueness.

For the eyes I used white chocolate melts and chocolate chips. Melt a couple of choc chips and swipe the choc chips with a bit of the melted choc and place on the white choc melts.

While the eyes are drying cut your cookies in half.

If your cookies are soft they won’t be able to be shoved into the cupcakes so grab a knife and cut lines for where the mouths will go so the cookies will fit.

Ditto with the eyes.

Aaaaand tadah! Pile o cookies in the middle and you’re done!

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