20 layer rainbow cake

  4 December 2009

There’s just something about layer cakes that makes people happy. Especially rainbow cakes. My most favourite food blogger Helen had interestingly enough never had a novelty cake for her birthday before! Can you believe that? So I was pretty determined to make something different for our dumpling party. My 20 layer rainbow cake was inspired by this and while I would have liked to try and beat his layers I ran out of eggs.

My food colouring gels. Don’t attempt to make a rainbow cake using the supermarket liquid colours because it wont be quite as bright and psychedelic looking. They’ll still work but not as good. I use Wilton’s they’re awesome but a bit pricey.

First make your cake batter. I tripled my cake recipe. Maybe next time (hah!) I would have quadrupled the recipe.

I used an icecream scoop to measure out the batter and mix each colour. The tray i used was a rectangle muffin tray. I only had 1 tray and oh boy was it frustratingly slow to mix each colour, bake, and then let the cakes cool before removing from tray and then making up a new batch of colours!

The beginning cakes were fat and misshapen because i misjudged the amount of batter per cake. But that’s ok because you only need the base of the cakes and can lop off the tops and eat those later. Mmm cake offcuts.

After cutting the rounded bits off the loaves place cake bases in whatever rainbow colour order pleases you.

Oooh hello there

And because i like icing im sandwiching the layers with a lemon buttercream

Mmm rainbowy

It’s meant to be a fork! I should’ve made the prongs longer but there was no more space on the cake board. I used cream cheese icing to hide the rainbow.

Woohoo colourful ain’t it?

Nom nom

Taste the rainbow!

Ok last shot

Heh it’s a rainbow ladder of cake!

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