noods’ 26th rainbow cake

  17 August 2009

that’s right its psychedelic rainbow cake time! my previous rainbow cake for ffichiban was pretty fun to make but i didn’t have the pleasure of seeing the swirlies in person so decided to make the rainbow cake for noods

splitting the cake mixture into separate bowls. notice how the green and blue aren’t as vivid as the red and yellow? that’s because the green and blue gels i bought were cheap and crap. lesson learnt: while food colouring gels are way way better than the food colouring liquids there are different quality gels.

colour sequence! if you don’t plan on icing the top of your cake put blue batter on last because if you end with the red batter the cake just looks brown

bowls. spoons. empty.

cakeage with cream cheese buttercream icing and a penrith panthers edible sticker. i bought the sticker. surprisingly tasty.

CAKE INNARDS!!! look at the swirlies!

singular slice

heh noods’ shirt says ‘i dont want to grow up’ lol he wore it especially for today haha happy 26th love!

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